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Message of the day for 12/21/2014:
The electronic filings section of the PSC website provides copies of filings, annual reports, tariffs, and other items of interest to the public. TO VIEW A LISTING OF ALL PENDING RATE CASES AT THE COMMISSION, PLEASE GO TO THE "HOT TOPICS" LINK ON OUR HOME PAGE. THERE IS A LINK AT THE TOP OF THAT PAGE. If you need assistance in locating any items on our website, please contact the Secretary of the Commission's office at 501-682-5782.

Daily Filings - Provides a listing of daily filings with the Commission, and a link to view the electronic copy if one exists.

Hearings Calendar - General information on dockets set for hearing.

Docket Search - Provides a listing of documents filed in a particular docket, and a link to view the electronic copies if they exist.

Interconnection Agreements - Agreements between telecommunication utilities.  Search by utility name or docket number.

Company Search - Provides a listing of docket numbers and the style of those dockets for any regulated company or any party to a docket, and a link to view documents in the docket.

Annual Reports - Reports filed with the Commission by each licensed utility.

Action Summary Search - Search on pleading action entry made in docket.  This is an especially good search for a large docket.

Rates - Search utility tariffs and terms of service for all utilities.

Text Search - For "all documents," "orders only," or "testimony only."

Service List Filter - Find company and individual docket activity for Contact Name, Relationship, Style Case and other fields, or print service list for electronic dockets.

Utility License Information - Find listings of licensed utilities by industry or license type.

Filter - Filter the entire Commission electronic filing database using one or more search criteria, including Docket, Filing Type and Source.

Public Comments Search - Provides a listing of comments received from members of the public in a particular docket; only partial availability for dockets before 4-26-04.

Rules/Forms - A listing of all Commission Rules and Forms

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The Commission keeps a complete but unofficial record of all open dockets, and all pleadings filed in those dockets, from 1997 to the present on its web site. If you are looking for docketing information prior to 1997, please check first to assure it is NOT on the website, because more than 2000 additional dockets are fully scanned. If the desired information is not contained on the web site, please contact the Secretary of the Commission for instructions on the use of microfiche or paper records. While the Commission makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information found on its website, the Commission is not responsible for errors or omissions which may occur in the records. Please notify the Secretary of the Commission if you find any errors or omissions in the records.

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