Customer Charge

Distribution or Delivery Rate

Cost of Gas or Gas Supply Rate

Weather Normalization Adjustment (WNA)

Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery (EECR)

Billing Determinant Adjustment (BDA)

Main Replacement Program Rider (MRP) or Base Rate Adjustment

Government Mandated Expenditure Surcharge Rider (GMES) or Act 310 Surcharge

Reading Your Gas Meter


What is the customer charge?

The customer charge is a flat charge applied each month regardless of the amount of natural gas used.  The charge is designed to recover the cost of such items as customer accounting, mailing, billing and metering.

What is the distribution or delivery rate?

The distribution or delivery rate is based on utility operating expenses, including depreciation and income taxes, plus a return on the utility's assets used in providing utility service and is intended to compensate the utility for the cost of delivering natural gas through their pipeline system to end-use customers.

What is the cost of gas or gas supply rate?

The cost of gas or gas supply rate is the per unit rate for natural gas sold to customers. There is no mark-up or profit added to the cost of gas. The utilities only recover from customers the actual cost of the natural gas commodity and the cost of transporting that gas from gas producing regions over interstate pipelines to the natural gas utilities. The costs recovered through the cost of gas supply mechanism are subject to Commission review and approval to ensure that the utilities purchase the gas in a prudent manner consistent with the requirements of Arkansas law. The rate changes two times a year, April and November, respectively.

Do natural gas utilities profit from the sale of natural gas?

No. Natural gas utilities do not make a profit on the natural gas that is sold to customers. Natural gas utilities simply recover the cost of the natural gas they purchase through the purchased gas adjustment mechanism. Only the actual costs paid to suppliers are recovered from customers. The costs recovered are subject to Commission review and approval.

What is the purpose of the Weather Normalization Adjustment (WNA)?

The purpose of the weather normalization adjustment (WNA) is to adjust customers’ bills to "normal weather." If during a billing cycle the weather is colder than normal, the customer will receive a credit on the bill. Conversely, warmer than normal weather will cause a charge to appear on customers’ bills. The WNA amount shown on a customer’s bill will vary based on the actual weather experienced during the billing cycle on which the bill is based.

What is the Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery Adjustment(EECR)?

This surcharge reflects the recovery of the incremental costs to utilities of promoting energy efficiency as ordered by this Commission.

What is the Billing Determinant Adjustment (BDA)?

This surcharge reflects the recovery of the difference between the level of base rate revenues established in a natural gas utility's last rate case and the level of base revenues in the current BDA Evaluation Period. No BDA Adjustment is reflected on customer's bill when the base rate revenues determined in the last rate case are higher than the BDA Evaluation Period revenues.

What is the Main Replacement Program Rider (MRP) or Base Rate Adjustment?

This surcharge reflects the recovery of expenditures related to expedited replacement of cast-iron mains, bar steel mains and associated services.

What is the Government Mandated Expenditure Surcharge Rider (GMES) or Act 310 Surcharge?

This surcharge reflects the recovery of investments and expenses that a utility Company has reasonably incurred as a direct result of legislative or regulatory requirements involving the protection of the public health, safety and the environment.

How to read your Gas meter

How To Read Your Gas Meter

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