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Maneuvers   Distance
Start at Airport 1:  Start out going WEST on AIRPORT RD toward GRUNDFEST DR / DAVE GRUNDFEST RD.   0.9 miles
Go Straight 2:  AIRPORT RD becomes ANNIE M BANKHEAD DR / BANKHEAD DR   0.2 miles
Go West on I-440 3.:  Merge onto I-440 W toward I-30 / DOWNTOWN / HOT SPRINGS / TEXARKANA   2.2 miles
Go East on I-30 4:  Merge onto I-30 E / US-65 N / US - 167 N via EXIT 138A toward DOWNTOWN   1.3 miles
Go West on I-630 5:  Merge onto I-630 W via EXIT 139B   0.9 miles
Take Exit 1B 6:  Take EXIT 1B toward CENTER ST. / BROADWAY   0.1 miles
Turn slightly left 7:  Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto I-630 W >0.1 miles
Turn Right on Center St. 8:  Turn RIGHT onto S. CENTER ST. >0.1 miles
Turn Right on 10th St. 9:  Turn RIGHT onto W 10TH ST. >0.1 miles
End at PSC 10:  End at Public Service Commission
1000 Center Street, Little Rock, AR  72201, US
Total Est. Time:  9 minutes                              Total Est. Distance:  6.00 miles  
Directions to PSC

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