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Message of the day for 5/25/2015:
The electronic filings section of the PSC website provides copies of filings, annual reports, tariffs, and other items of interest to the public. TO VIEW A LISTING OF ALL PENDING RATE CASES AT THE COMMISSION, PLEASE GO TO THE "HOT TOPICS" LINK ON OUR HOME PAGE. THERE IS A LINK AT THE TOP OF THAT PAGE. If you need assistance in locating any items on our website, please contact the Secretary of the Commission's office at 501-682-5782.

A search by Docket Number that returns Company Name, Style Case and each action in the Docket by date, with the latest actions listed first.

Please either select the docket number from the drop down list below or type it into the text box. If you try to use both, the typed information will be what the results are based.

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