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The Commission is proud to announce the launch of its Electronic Filing System (EFS) effective January 3, 2011. The EFS is available for use by any Official Party to a Docket to make compatible filings electronically through the EFS or for those seeking to intervene in an open Commission Docket. Questions about using the EFS should be directed to the Secretary of the Commission by email or phone (501)682-5782. We hope you will enjoy using the EFS. Please note: the EFS is not designed to accept public comments or filings by anyone other than Official Parties to a Docket. If you wish to submit public comments in a Docket, please click here

The EFS cannot be used for filings with the Tax Division

In addition, the EFS cannot be used for the submission of utilities' Annual Reports or any other document(s) sent to the Secretary's office besides those filed in docketed Commission proceedings.

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Dated: 4/10/2017

On March 31, 2017, the EFS User's Agreement was changed by Order No. 4 in Docket No. 14-001-A. For a copy of that order, including a description of the changes, please click HERE
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