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Act 204 of 2003 - The Electric Utility Regulatory Reform Act

In 2003, the General Assembly enacted the Electric Utility Regulatory Reform Act of 2003 (Act 204), which provided for the repeal of retail electric competition as originally authorized by Act 1556 of 1999 and Act 324 of 2001. In addition, Act 204 authorized the Commission to:  1) repeal rules adopted to facilitate retail competition; 2) adopt rules for transaction among or between regulated electric public utilities and their unregulated divisions, components, and affiliates; 3) provide for recovery of transition costs as part of the preparation for retail open access; and  4) adopt rules for comprehensive electric utility resource planning.  Act 204 also required the Commission to study the feasibility of a large user access program for electric service choice and report to the General Assembly by September 30, 2004. On September 30, 2004, the Commission provided a Report to the General Assembly and advised that there did not appear to be an opportunity in the foreseeable future to implement a large user access program in Arkansas that would provide benefits to large users or that would not shift costs to other classes of customers.

Contact Information:

Regina Butler
Director, Electric Section
Arkansas Public Service Commission

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