Minimum Filing Requirements Market Power Analysis  (Repealed)

Customer Education Guidelines - Electric Market  (Repealed)

Minimum Filing Requirements for the Functional Unbundling of Electric Utility Tariffs  (Repealed)

Rules for Unbundling Competitive Customer Services  (Repealed)

Standard Service Package Guidelines - Electric  (Repealed)

Rules Governing Exchange of Data  (Repealed)

Licensing Requirements for Energy Service Provider  (Repealed)

Affiliate Transaction Rules  (Superceded)

Transition Cost Guidelines  (Superceded)



99-117-A  Time line for Implementation of Act 1556


99-152-R  Rules for Unbundling of Rates (Repealed)
Associated Utility Filings

99-251-U AECC

99-259-U Mississippi Co.

99-255-U Arkansas Valley

99-260-U North Arkansas

99-252-U Ashley-Chicot

00-098-U OG&E

99-257-U C & L

99-238-U Ouachita

99-256-U Carroll

99-250-U Ozarks

99-265-U Clay County

99-261-U Petit Jean

99-253-U Craighead

99-262-U Rich Mountain

99-254-U Empire

99-248-U South Central

99-249-U Entergy

99-263-U Southwest Ark

99-247-U Farmers

00-099-U SWEPCO

99-258-U First Electric

99-264-U Woodruff


99-229-R Rules for Recovery of Transition Costs (Repealed)
Associated Utility Filings

00-106-U AECC

00-044-U OG&E

00-041-TF Entergy

00-042-U SWEPCO


99-279-R Rules for Affiliate Transactions (Repealed)
Associated Utility Filings

0-248-U AECC

00-247-U Entergy

00-227-U Ozarks

00-235-U Arkansas Valley

00-238-U Farmers

00-244-U Petit Jean

00-237-U Ashley-Chicot

00-232-U First Electric

00-245-U Rich Mtn.

00-241-U C&L

00-242-U Mississippi

00-234-U South Central

00-246-U Carroll

00-243-U North Arkansas

00-229-U Southwest Ark

00-239-U Clay County

00-231-U OG&E

00-249-U SWEPCO

00-240-U Craighead

00-233-U Ouachita

00-228-U Woodruff


99-290-R Rules for Licensing Energy Service Providers
99-372-U Entergy Notice of Intent to Seek Stranded Costs
00-010-U Show Cause ISO Transmission Asset Transfer SWEPCO, OG&E, Empire


00-048-R Market Power Guidelines (Repealed)
Associated Utility Filings

00-384-U AECC

00-326-U OG&E

00-251-U Entergy

00-313-U SWEPCO

00-054-U Determination Regarding Competitive Customer Services, Metering, Billing
00-067-R Rules for Electronic Data Exchange
00-097-R Customer Education Guidelines
00-148-R Standard Service Package Guidelines
00-177-U Entergy Estimate of Stranded Costs
00-185-R Electricity Provider Rules


00-188-R Rules for Unbundling of Competitive Customer Services (Repealed)
Associated Utility Filings

01-124-U Entergy
01-008-U SWEPCO

00-190-U  Development of Competition
Associated Reports

Amended Report on Electric Restructuring to the Arkansas General Assembly, Submitted November 29, 2000

Report on Electric Restructuring to the Arkansas General Assembly, Submitted December 20, 2001 

Report to the General Assembly on the Feasibility of Implementing a Large User Access Program for Electric Service Choice, Submitted September 30, 2004

Other Restructuring Reports

Report to the General Assembly on Mandatory Rate Reductions for Electric Utilities,
Submitted July 2000.

Attachment 1
Attachment 2
Attachment 3

Quarterly System Agreement Report to the General Assembly.

Quarterly Report on the Status of Restructuring to the Joint Insurance and Commerce Committees


Contact Information:

Regina Butler
Director, Electric Section
Arkansas Public Service Commission

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