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What companies are subject to assessment by the Tax Division?

The Tax Division is responsible for assessing the property of all telecommunications providers, including all local exchange carriers, interexchange carriers, private pay phone providers, and cellular telecommunications carriers, gas companies, pipeline companies, railroads, electric power companies, water companies, barge lines, airlines, cable television companies, private car companies, motor carriers and bus lines. Ark. Code Ann. §§ 26-26-1601, 26-26-1701 and 26-26-1801.

All motor carriers and bus lines that travel for hire into or through the State of Arkansas are subject to assessment by the Tax Division
What is the filing date for the Motor Carrier Annual Reports and the Bus Line Annual Reports?

Motor Carrier and Bus Line reports must be filed on or before March 31st . Ark. Code. Ann. § 26-26-1602.

A company may request an extension of time to file the Annual Report. The maximum allowable extension of time is 60 days. The extension request must be made in writing before the applicable due date for the Report and there must be good cause shown for extending the filing date. Ark. Code. Ann. § 26-26-1604.

How do I determine the "Market Value" of my equipment?

Tractor or trailer dealerships, The Truck Blue Book or NADA books have information on market or retail values of equipment.

How do I know if my report has been received by the Tax Division?

You may contact the Tax Division via phone, fax or e-mail, or you may verify on-line.  Under the Motor Carrier link, choose "Motor Carrier Verification".

Does the Tax Division need the original report form mailed if it is faxed?

No. One copy is sufficient. Faxed copies are acceptable for filing. It is the company's responsibility to verify that the report has been received in its entirety by our office.

What happens if a motor carrier or bus line should fail to file a report on time?

Motor carriers or bus lines that fail to file Annual Reports on or before the statutory deadline or the extended deadline are considered delinquent and are reported to the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) for appropriate action.  The DFA may impose a penalty for each day that the company is delinquent in filing the report. Ark. Code. Ann. § 26-26-1604. If the company fails to file a report after the delinquent notice from the DFA, a default assessment is levied against the company. Ark. Code Ann. §26-26-1608.

If a motor carrier or bus line did not travel through Arkansas, must the report be filled out and returned to the Tax Division?

Yes. The report must be completed and returned to the Tax Division to avoid a delinquent penalty and a default assessment.

How does the Tax Division determine which motor carriers and bus lines receive Annual Reports?

The Tax Division sends Annual Reports to motor carriers and bus lines that have listed an intent to travel into or through Arkansas in their Single State Registration base state or by purchasing a 72-hour trip permit. The base states send the Tax Division lists of every carrier that registers an intent to travel Arkansas.

Is there an appeal process if a motor carrier or bus line is dissatisfied with the final assessment?

A final assessment notice is mailed to the owner of each company subject to assessment by the Tax Division. If the owner of the property disputes the amount of the assessment, the owner of the property may file a written petition for review of the assessment with the appropriate commission within ten (10) days of the date of the notice of the assessment.  If no petition for review is filed within the ten (10) day period for appeal, the assessment is final and is not subject to challenge. Ark. Code. Ann. §26-26-1610.

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