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Telecommunication Utilities The Commission Regulates

The Arkansas Public Service Commission regulates telecommunications service providers that include incumbent local telephone carriers, competitive local telephone carriers, long distance companies, and private pay telephone companies. The Commission has authority to regulate the quality of service of all telecommunications providers but has limited authority to regulate rates, terms, and conditions of services. The limitations are in accordance with Arkansas Code Annotated Section 23-17-401 et seq. that recognizes the desire to have competitive forces control rates, terms, and conditions of services.

What The Commission Does Not Regulate

The Commission does not regulate: wireless companies that offer services such as paging, cellular or PCS services; cable and satellite companies that offer services such as television, music, or movie programming; information service companies that offer services such as voice-mail, e-mail, or Internet; and, telecommunications relay service for handicapped persons or emergency 911 service.

Low Income Services

Lifeline is a program which provides assistance with the monthly charges for residential telephone service. Contact your local telephone company to determine qualifications.

Telecommunications Provider Certification Information

Applications for certification as a competitive local exchange carrier, interexchange carrier, or private pay telephone service provider are made in accordance with Section 6 of the Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure.

Rates And Price Lists

Rates, rules, and terms and conditions for service are found in the utility tariffs provided by each telecommunications service provider. Price lists only provide a list of services and rates.

Contact Information:

Bill Dennis
Manager-Telecommunications & Quality of Service
Arkansas Public Service Commission

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